The City

Cologne is the oldest of the major German cities. Its name goes back to the Romans, who gave their city the name of »Colonia« in 50 A.D. Today, Cologne presents itself against the background of its long and chequered history, as
• an art and trade fair city of world class
• a key centre of transport and business in Western Europe
and last but not least, a vital, charming city in which its great past and the present, commerce and culture create a fascinating blend and where the people – not only at the famous Carnival – like to laugh and to live and let live.

It comes, therefore, as no surprise that the city regularly attracts more visitors: Cologne Cathedral is the most-visited building in Germany. The old Roman saying is confirmed once more:
»Anyone who has not seen Cologne, has not seen Germany«. Because there is an amazing amount to see in Cologne.

The cultural panorama of the city covers a broad spectrum from fine art to literature, theatre and modern as well as classical music. Cologne, the city on the river, is also one of the greenest cities in Germany with many inner-city park areas, old alleys and a green belt running around the city. Small boarding houses as well as 5-star hotels are available for visitors to trade fairs, congresses or major cultural events. And visitors are always very welcome in the cathedral city with its Mediterranean flair and warm hospitality.


Touristic Services

There are customised package deals for nearly every event in Cologne, whether you are visiting Cologne as the starting point for 200 years of Rhine romanticism, combining views of Modern Art with a fitness weekend, or listening to the songs in the musical.

Cologne hotels, but also incoming tour operators and KölnTourismus bundle these package deals, which are often more favourably calculated than the sum of their individual parts. They always include one or more nights’ hotel accommodation, a breakfast buffet as a rule and frequently other culinary »highlights« also. In addition, it includes the visit to an organised event, guided city tours or trips, and use of the hotel’s own sport or fitness facilities.

The Cologne Bonn Airport is the largest low-cost hub in Continental Europe. Over 10 million passengers take off from here to about 130 destinations. In terms of total air traffic, i.e. passenger and freight taken together, Cologne Bonn is the fourth largest airport in Germany.



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Business - Media

Cologne is the fourth-largest city in Germany and the largest in North Rhine-Westphalia. Over 2 million people live in the Cologne economic region, which also includes the city of Leverkusen, the Erft district, the Rhine-Bergisch district and the Oberbergisch district.

Every leading industrial sector is represented here: in addition to the automotive industry, large international chemical and pharmaceutical firms are also prominent here, as well as the electrical and mechanical engineering industries and food production industries. As a former Hanseatic city, Cologne can look back on a long tradition as a centre for trade. For decades it has been an established location for the insurance sector as well as a venue for trade fairs.

More than 10,000 companies focussing information technology services are situated in the district of the Cologne Chamber of Commerce. In recent years, growth in the media branches has been particularly dynamic: Cologne is now Germany's leading city for film, radio and television production. A high export ratio (more than 44 %) and the attractive trade location make the region a magnet for entrepreneurs as well as investors. Over 40 % of the entire gross domestic product of the European Union is generated within a radius of only 300 km around the city of Cologne.




Leisure - Events

Whether on land, water or in the air, the Cologne-Bonn region offers plenty of opportunity for active leisure time. Passionate golfers can improve their handicap between the Bergisch Land and Eifel and between Neuss and Bad Neuenahr on more than 30 golf courses. The region’s rivers are perfect for extensive canoe tours and many lakes are cut out for sailing and surfing.

Cologne has more than 4,000 pubs, restaurants and alehouses. No other German city has as many pubs and even first-class restaurants considering the number of inhabitants.
Traditional establishments in which masters of the culinary art create unique dishes which offer something for all tastes are widespread in Cologne and the surrounding region and are appreciated by visitors from all over the world. The chefs of the city’s big hotels are also not missing from the rich culinary scene which can be found here.